The Reclaimed Intensive

It's time for you to take ground and reclaim your life in 2021 with our new 5-month Intensive!


Does This Sound Familiar...?

  • Are you healing from a divorce, a bad breakup or the death of a loved one and struggling to see your purpose and your calling now that that person is no longer in your life?
  • Are you struggling to find a Christian community of women who really understand what you’re going through? 
  • Are you looking for individual support and accountability to step into your new life now?
  • Are you wondering if you are "ready" to start dating again but scared you might make a mistake and jump in too early?
  • Are you hoping that 2021 will be different? 
  • Are you ready to be activated in your God-given purpose as a daughter of the King?

Hello! My Name is Ellie Hope Collins

I am on a mission to help women just like you see full and complete restoration after betrayal, trauma and divorce.

While I was going through my divorce in late 2016 and all of 2017, I felt that after I lost my marriage I had lost myself as well.

I battled with my self-worth constantly! Through an eating disorder and even a painful rebound relationship, I self medicated the pain that was so pervasive in my heart.

But... when I finally surrendered everything to Jesus, I began to actually see hope for my future and true traction in my healing.

So, that is why I am here! I am here to help you reach your full potential after divorce or a breakup.

I am now remarried to an amazing, God-loving man who was also divorced in his 20s. We are both passionate about continuing to strengthen our vulnerability and communication in our marriage because of our past relationships.

If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to connect with me. I'm an open book!

Think about it...

  • Maybe you need a coach who understands the pain you have gone through.

  • Maybe you need someone who will guide, challenge and support you in your healing journey.

  • Maybe you need someone who can help you cast vision for your newly single life.

  • Maybe you need a supportive community of women who "get it!"

  • Maybe you need a coach who will bring prayer and Biblical principles into every interaction you have with her.

Individual Support

Monthly individual coaching calls will help you establish your goals and actually meet them.

Community Connection

Connection with other women in the program will ensure you do not feel alone.

Practical Teaching

Monthly teaching nights will give you practical tools as you reclaim your life.


Take Ground and Reclaim Your Life in 2021

How was your 2020? Yeah... 2020 was hard! Maybe for you it was extra hard.

Imagine stepping into your 2021 with intention.

Imagine being surrounded with like-minded women who are still grieving their lost relationships, yes, but who are also determined to not let what they are grieving hold them back anymore!

Imagine finding your purpose and calling this year and actually starting to bloom where you're planted.

What They're Saying...

"I'm feeling really blessed by the other women in the group who are also passionate about seeking healing. It's so good to know I'm not alone! I also really appreciate the strong emphasis on spirituality and Biblical truth in the teachings and conversations- my relationship with the Lord is getting stronger."

Individual Coaching

Each month, you will have a one-hour coaching call on Zoom at a time that is convenient for you. Each coaching call will be individualized for your own goals and healing. This is not a one-size-fits-all coaching program. An important part of these coaching calls is the accountability it brings to you for your own progress. Imagine actually meeting your goals with help from someone who will also give you grace. 

Group Coaching

Every month, members of the intensive will gather virtually on Zoom to connect, share and learn. With practical teaching you will be activated and encouraged to continue to step into who God created you to be. These group coaching calls are designed for you to get your hands dirty with others in the intensive. Each month will have a different topic of focus. These calls will include practical tools and application for you to implement in your own life. 

The Healing from Divorce Online Course

As part of this intensive, you will also have access to the Healing from Divorce Online Course, my eight-week program for divorce healing. This course was been designed for you to reclaim a different area of your life every week!

Week 1 - Reclaiming 101

Week 2 - Reclaiming our view of God

Week 3 - Reclaiming our Identity

Week 4 - Reclaiming our mental health

Week 5 - Reclaiming forgiveness

Week 6 - Reclaiming communication

Week 7 - Reclaiming sexuality 

Week 8 - Living reclaimed

Small Group Connection

The intensive is designed for you to hook arms with other women in the program. Through the group coaching calls, and a small group connection app, you will be able to make personal connections with other women in your life stage and healing. The intensive will be limited to 12 women in the summer 2021. This will ensure we have a diverse group of women while also keeping it small enough that you won't get lost.

Weekly Live Facebook Gatherings

Through our closed Facebook community, you will be able to connect to other women in the intensive. Once a week, we will be gathering together live for a Q & A time. You will be able to ask the instructor questions and voice your testimonies at that time.

Practical Tools

Through the group and individual coaching calls, you will be given practical tools for your personal application. 

  • Reclaiming 101
  • "Ellie's-Emergency-Anti-Feeling-Crappy-About-Herself-Protocol"
  • "How to Be An Anti-Cynic"
  • "Is This A Rebound?"
  • And more

Coaching Topics

Buckle your seatbelts because over the course of the 5-month intensive, we will cover a lot of ground! Here are some of the topics that your coaching calls could involve:

How Do These Topics Sound?

"Who Am I? Writing Your Identity Statement"

Are you feeling lost and confused about your identity now that you've lost your marriage? Do you struggle to articulate who you are now that you are no longer married? Using the exercise I created to write your own identity statement, you will begin to see who God created you to be.

"Dating After Divorce: Am I Ready?"

Are you feeling unsure about your dating future? Maybe you want to be remarried but you have no idea where to begin. Or maybe you have already jumped into dating but you are struggling to avoid slip-ups and setbacks. Let's face those hurdles together! Using a few simple tools I have developed that helped me decide when to date after divorce, you will begin to take steps towards a healthy dating future.

"Stop Fighting Shame - Live Unashamed"

Are you experiencing shame for divorce, abuse, past mistakes or unforgiveness? That was me for so long! Many try so hard to stifle or fight the shame of our experience. But when we have a real revelation of Jesus' true and finished work, we can begin to live unashamed!

"Where am I Going? Finding Direction"

The ending of a relationship can feel like the end of the road. You may need help to figure out the next steps! Going back to your childhood passions and dreams is a great place to start, but we will dig together to discover where God actually is calling you next. 

"Hope and Disappointment: Saying No to Cynicism"

We have all seen that cynical old lady who constantly looks at the old through her own disappointment and projecting it on every potential outcome. Yeah, don't be that person! You will acknowledge your disappointment and grieve it, but using the tools that I have created, you will move past those disappointments and hold onto hope for your future. 

"Taking Your Faith To The Next Level"

Are you feeling stuck with your relationship with God? Do you need help and guidance to know how to pray and how to read the Bible? I've totally been there! Using a few simple tools, you will begin to actually hear God's voice and see his hand in your everyday life.

And More!

Let me know what your goals are and we can tackle them together!

Contact Me For More Information

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Space is Limited

There are only 12 spots available for the 2021 Intensive. Join today and step into full healing and restoration from your divorce or breakup.